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Finding Coach Outlet that security forces had used excessive force, torture and forced confessions in the crackdown. The Bahraini authorities had promised Coach Outlet Online improvements as a result. Richard Sollom, the deputy director of the Physicians for Human Rights and an author of the report, who was scheduled to testify on Wednesday at a House hearing in Washington on whether Coach Outlet Online Bahrain has adhered to its promises, said that he had become cynical about official Bahraini pledges. “What they’re very good at is rhetoric, not results,” he said in a telephone interview. “Literally, not much has Coach Outlet changed.” In the 100-year history of tear gas, Mr. Sollom said, “there is no other example where a country has continually assaulted its Coach Outlet people with this toxic chemical.” The report appeared likely to cause some awkwardness in the Obama administration, which has Coach Factory Store tempered its criticism of the Bahraini government’s repression even while acknowledging the legitimacy of the protesters’ grievances. Bahrain, home to the United States Navy’s Fifth Fleet, which patrols the Coach Outlet Persian Gulf, is seen as a strategic bulwark against the influence of Iran. Mr. Sollom, who has visited Bahrain three times, said that tear Coach Outlet Online gas attacks occurred weekly in some Shiite neighborhoods, and that the lingering smell was so pervasive that some residents Gucci Belts gave guests gas masks. He also said the Bahrain government had not responded to the group’s request for a breakdown on the exact types Gucci Belts of tear gas used by the police. Nor has it explained precisely how and where it is obtaining its tear gas, although canisters recovered Louis Vuitton Purses on the street by activists suggest that they come from the United States, France and Brazil. Mr. Sollom noted that the United States had withheld licenses for tear gas exports to Bahrain, which suggests that any American Coach Outlet Online tear gas products used there might have been stockpiled before the American restriction, or re-exported from other countries. According to Bahrain Watch, an activist group that has chronicled the government’s weapons Louis Vuitton Belts use.